Timing and Timelapse

The concrete slab is clear of all extension cords, trash, paint cans, tools and siding photo(24)and is ready to be grouted and sealed. This afternoon, Soleil and I stained the backboard for the bar. Movin’ along.

Speaking of moving…when the heck are we going to do that exactly? If we stick with our original plan, we’ve got 14 days to get a C.O., pack up, and move out. Although challenging, it is possible which makes our decision a difficult one. We also have the opportunity to rent our current home for an additional month. Our bank account does not like this option, but we may need to go with this choice. There are a couple other options, so we’re looking at them all and just trying to make the best decision we can given the information we have.

In case you didn’t catch it on Facebook, our good friend William not only helped install siding, he also made a sweet little time lapse and set it to some tunes!



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