We Got This

Holy moly, our heads are spinning! Ryan’s work has offered him the opportunity to take a week off (starting tomorrow) which means we are going to kick it into overdrive and aim for moving in (and out) by October 14. Wish. Us. Luck.photo 1(100)

This morning I started on my black bathroom ceiling project. You might be concerned, but hang tight…we have a really good vision.

While I was painting, Ryan was scrubbing…the concrete slab that is. Too bad we got to see how much better it looks with an hour of scrubbing per square. Now we’ve got to deep clean the whole thing before sealing it. Dang perfectionism!











So with October 14th in sight, here’s what the next few days are looking like: Ryan will focus on siding with the intention of finishing by the end of Saturday. I will focus on scrubbing, cleaning and sealing the bedroom floors as well as continuing to clean the center slab in preparation for grout and sealant come Sunday.

The electricians plan to FINISH tomorrow and so we will schedule our final electric inspection for Friday.

If I think about the next two weeks all at once, my head feels close to explosion status. So, one moment at a time. Focus. Prayer. Caffeine.


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