photo 4(59)Today felt good. Productive, fun, good. Here’s the brief rundown…

Ryan and Will knocked out the board and part of the trim on the left side of the house. They’ll be back at it tomorrow, finishing trim and hopefully most of the batten on both sides.

I finished the black bathroom ceiling, sanded Soleil’s bedroom floor and primed the guest bedroom.

photo 2(92)photo 3(77)








floor before sanding
floor before sanding
Floor after sanding
floor after sanding







Ryan’s mom took care of Soleil (arguably the most challenging task of all) and his dad did a ton of oil paint touch ups (given how I feel about oil paint, ya’ll know I was happy to have some help). His cleaning and touch up work made a drastic change to the walls and the house as a whole.

Ryan is out scrubbing Soleil’s bedroom floor so that we can seal it in the morning.

We are SO grateful for the helping hands and for the support we feel as we push ourselves to the limit and work to get under this new roof in the next ten days. Thank you!!!


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