We have all of the boards and trim DONE. We’re 1/2 way through with the batten’s, and really think that we can finish up the siding tomorrow with Kris helping out in the morning! Sorry but no photos today… just 2 busy.

Brook and my father worked on moving tools out of bedrooms and sanding/cleaning/priming/painting our master bedroom, master bathroom, and guest bedroom today. We put two coats of epoxy on Soleils bedroom floor, and have the fans in there running full-blast for the evening.

Tomorrow we will be attempting to finish up the siding, cleaning up the master and guest bedroom floors for epoxy, and cleaning the concrete slab for grout. Prior to all of this, we have our final electrical inspection called in for the A.M. Our electrician still has a few fuses left to go, and will be here around 8am to get them finished up. FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED FOR A GREEN CARD!!!!

Exhausted and waking up early tomorrow so its time for bed.


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