Well This Has Been An Interesting Turn Of Events…

I am so sorry to leave ya’ll hanging with no post last night. But, when you see how our past 48 hours have gone, I think you’ll understand. I’m going to do this bullet style as to avoid the 35 pages of emotion that coordinate with these items.

photo 1(105)
our new sea of straw

-Found out we needed an inspection on our grading to acquire certificate of occupancy (after we had already celebrated having acquired said certificate)
-Failed grading inspection
-Made landscaping adjustments (a crap ton of grass seed, lye and straw) to acquire Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
-Basement of rental flooded, again
-No internet, no blog

-Passed re-inspection on grading, received TCO (yay!)
-Went down in the basement to start moving everything out and EVERYTHING was saturated in mold.
-Threw away thousands of dollars worth of belonging and very special items

The good news is we’re safe, we’re healthy, and we’re moving into our dream home.

Also, the permanent power has been turned on so we can work all night long!

photo 3(80)


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