Weekly Wrap Up #1!

Hey ya’ll! Ready for your weekly update? We are very much looking forward to posting new professional photographs by Keli Keach, but for now, you’ll have to bare with my i-phone snapshots.

For the first 72 hours of living in our new home, I’m pretty sure we were experiencing symptoms of shock. We were doing all the normal things–putting things away, cleaning, etc….but to us, it was all happening in an out-of-body kind of way. I suppose when you accomplish a goal of magnitude, the “holy shit I actually did it” moment is actually pretty normal.

photo 3(82)My greatest excitement right now is how comfortable the space feels. You think you know the space that is being created, but until you’re living in it, it’s hard to know for sure. The layout may not work well for everyone, but for us it feels just right.


Most evenings have consisted of a fire in the wood burning stove. The smell, the sound, the glow…divine.
photo 3(83)photo 1(106)








Our lack of shelving/closets has been an organizational obstacle, but we’re photo 1(108)mastering makeshift…
The bedrooms are functional as is the kitchen and we’ve finally got a door on the bathroom, phew..

photo 4(62)


photo 4(63)



photo 4(64)





A few days ago, we received the most amazing delivery of house plants from our friend Anna. We can feel the love in every leaf..
photo 5(43)




The second Great Flood came within hours of moving in. We ended up with three leaks. One from the chimney, one from a window and one from the sliding glass door. All caulk-fixable. Oh, and the rain chains work great!

photo 1(107)So what’s up next? Lotus is creating an amazing aeroponics system which will be housed on top of the 40 foot container, along the giant windows. To prepare for this system, we need to install a sub-floor. Ryan is nearly finished with this project, photos to come.

I’m starting the penny-floor process and photo 2(97)together we will begin to finish the second bathroom. The urge to shower is a driving force behind this last task.

Thank you all for checking in. It’s sure to be a busy week ahead. See you next Monday!


One thought on “Weekly Wrap Up #1!

  1. Please traducction: Ryan, Brooke y Soleil no saben la emoción que me causaron las sensaciones que Uds. tienen con su nuevo hogar, que no es solo una casa, es el esfuerzo y la satisfacción que Uds. sienten. La verdad que quedo impecable y a pesar de no estar ahí una entiende la fluidez espacial que tienen sus espacios. A disfrutar, ustedes lo merecen. Un saludo desde Uruguay de Vivien.

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