Hello everyone!!! Hope your week is off to a great start. I feel like royalty writing photo 1(112)this post by the warmth and glow of our wood burning stove. I’m finally getting the hang of it, this after many smokey, pitiful fails.

When it became clear that we would need at least a sub floor to support the aeroponic system, that sub floor became first priority. With zero dollars left in the loan account, we used what we had–some 2X4’s and plywood. Ryan did an amazing job putting it together. Bring on the indoor edibles!

photo 3(85)photo 2(100)








I think this week has been alot about catching our breath and adjusting to our new living space. Lack of closets has led us to start creating some organizational/storage solutions. That said, we are also continuing our quest towards minimalism and giving away anything that does not have a place.

photo 1(110)Ryan became tired of taking the ladder upstairs so naturally he installed climbing grips up a side beam. Needless to say, he is much happier about his mode of access.

photo 2(99)Whenever there’s a free 15 minutes, I lay a row of pennies on the penny floor. So far, I have super glued Soleil’s bangs as well as most of my fingers. I do not have a good history with this product.

I’ve also taken up dream catcher making as a way of not doing really important things…

photo 2(101)In less than 2 weeks, we will enjoy a house warming/blessing event with our friends and family. We’ve got a list of low to no cost projects that we’ll be tackling one by one. As time permits, we will continue to clear the land of unused/scrap building materials. We will put up the sliding bedroom doors and hopefully make progress on painting the exterior of the containers. As always…a busy week ahead!

Thank you all for continuing to follow our little story. I must say, sleeping in a shipping container is kind of amazing and fun and a little bit magical.

Good night.

3 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Guys this is so great! You actually moved in already!!! I discovered your breathtaking project some weeks ago and I must say, you are an amazingly strong couple! I cant wait to see more pictures and I wish that some relaxing beautiful moments next to your pretty stove will be coming soon :)) maybe you could write a book about how to survive such a proyect as a couple, I am pretty sure my family wouldnt be able to go through it sanely 😀 So many greetings from Spain!!

    1. Thank you Pavla! The home feels so amazing and we are still experiencing symptoms of shock that we actually pulled this off. We would love to write a book about this journey and plan on doing so. You are right, it is no joke keeping your marriage/family intact as you move through a project of this magnitude. The “how building your home will affect your life” aspect is one that I would like to fully address in the book…it’s a huge part of this whole thing. Thank you again for the encouraging note, stay tuned for the documentary film due out in 2015!

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