Maybe our Monday posts were just destined to be Tuesday posts…

Oh my goodness, we have been busy! The entire week was spent getting things as photo 3(90)ready as they could be for our home warming event. First, up went the bedroom doors. The squeakiness could probably be lessened with larger eye hooks on top, but we don’t really mind the noise. They work great!

On Wednesday, Lotus brought in the custom made aeroponic system which is currently growing chard, thyme and basil. It is an amazing way of growing greens indoors and we would love to keep you posted as we continue to acquaint ourselves with this new-to-us method of food production.

photo 1(117)photo 2(106)






Come Friday, we received an unbelievable gift from Blackbird Framing and Art. Our final blueprints are now professionally framed in a stunning combination of plexiglass and wood that was salvaged from demolished homes in Detroit. Amazing!

photo 3(89)photo 2(105)





Saturday was the big day–the day we stopped, took a moment to look up, sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor with the folks we love. Friends and family came from far and wide to see the home and sit by the fire. Our minister gave an official blessing for the house and our dear friend plus incredible musician, Jeff Thompson, played us some tunes. Our guests were asked to bring themselves, but they were generous with other gifts as well. We received some museum-worthy artwork, wine and various spirits, pottery, plants and the list goes on.

photo 1(116)photo 4(68)







Saturday night brought a moment of rest, but Sunday was up and at it for Soleil’s Baptism. And yes, those are overalls. Her choice.


photo 5(44)It’s Tuesday evening. The home is scrubbed down and cleaned up. The space feels different…blessed, loved, warmed for sure.

The centerpiece of our dining room table for now–the head of a pinata and vase full of flowers. I’d say this weekend was a good one indeed.



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