650x366_11170841_hd27Tonight we are getting our first real snow! The temperature is supposed to drop to 18 degrees by 7am tomorrow morning, and 15 degrees tomorrow night. We are pretty glad we have have a warm home with firewood cut below. We are also glad we got our snow retention system or “snow guards” installed on the roof (see Facebook album). Some might not know what snow guards are or why you would need them. Snow builds up on metal roofs, and melts after a snow storm. slide3This creates water below the snow, and if this melting snow does not cause the snow above it to slide during the day, it will freeze overnight. Snow sitting on top of ice on a metal slope is a recipe for disaster! Snow and Ice sliding off of a 44 ft x 34ft surface can be dangerous… even deadly!

Snow guards are important not only to help save you from injury, but also to save your gutters, chimney, and any objects below your roof from being destroyed. Even in a warmer climate like ours in Asheville, NC. it is not worth the risk.

We used S-5! snow guards for our snow retention system. The S-5!N clamps were perfect for our standing seam roof, and went up in under 4 hours installed by me with no prior experience whatsoever. LMCurbs provided us with these amazing snow guards, and assisted with questions regarding installation for our roofs pitch, and dimensions. They were extremely helpful and easy to work with.

My advice for anyone considering a standing seam roof here in NC… don’t even question the need for a snow retention system. Just call LMCurbs to see which one works best for your roof. I personally believe that they should be required by code for all metal roofs over a certain size and slope.

Thanks for keeping up, and have a wonderful rest of your week!

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