New Year, New Adventure!

ChangeHello strangers!

This is Ryan, and I can’t believe its been over TWO YEARS since the last post. As I’m sure you can understand… a whole hell of a lot has happened in the last two years. I will attempt to give a very very brief summation as I have decided to take up the keyboard, and start posting again. I plan on continuing this blog with at least a once-a-month post from here on out; mainly sticking to construction tasks, but throwing in a pinch of personal life for good measure 😉

Once Brook, Soleil and I were given the C.O. (certificate of occupancy) by the city for our home, we decided to FINALLY settle into our new space and try to take it easy for a while. We maxed ourselves out in 2014 with the construction… and it was time to take a break and start a new life in our new space. Little did we know that this new life would be very different then we originally expected.

Brook and I were veteran fire-fighters. We’d both been putting out fires in our personal lives for years. When we met we were still trying to keep our heads above water… but it became enjoyable helping each-other deal with the flames in our lives. We kept supporting each-other for years after having Soleil, and after the home was built we thought for once we had finally reached a point of rest and relaxation. We had built a nest for our family. A foundation for the rest of our lives together. But when we stopped the struggle for a moment to soak up the hard work as a family… things appeared that had been put to the side for a very long time. Things that were not as pressing as food and shelter while struggling to make ends meet. Things that were more important.

Brook and my “relationship” officially ended last August. Ownership of the home was transferred into my name after equity was settled. Brook moved close by, and we have been equally sharing custody of our daughter. I am sure this is a very unsettling thing for most of you to hear, but sometimes it takes a moment of rest to realize you must take another path to follow your heart. Loss is always hard, but without loss there would be no gain! You must have one to have the other… and the real trick is digesting the pain of loss and appreciating them both. If we had not lost our condo, we would not have had the opportunity to build this home. If we had not let go of our fear of change we would not have had Soleil. We are both truly grateful for the time that we spent together. Together we were able to create two MAGNIFICENT works of art. Masterpieces that we would never have dreamed we could create… and that we wouldn’t have been able to complete without each-other.

Despite the emotional relationship side of things… I would like to pick up from where we left off last. The snow-guards. I installed them 😉

I think they turned out pretty good! We had one BIG snow in 2015… and they held it all on the roof until it melted off with no problem. Pretty easy to install though anything on the roof is a bit tricky.

I also managed to build a firewood hut outside and a firewood rackfirewood rack to fit beside the front door. This has been an ESSENTIAL part of having a fireplace in the house. I used to run outside to the wood pile every time I needed to stoke the fire… but easy indoor access to dry wood is more important then I ever would have imagined. In the coldest nights of winter it makes the biggest difference in the world.

Before we decided to go our separate ways, Brook came up with a pretty great idea for our family. We had lost a majority of our cloths packed in boxes in our rental house due to mold and mildew. Instead of taking this as a blow… Brook decided to take it as a lesson. She suggested that we minimize our wardrobe to simply one outfit per season! I talked her into two per season… but it was a GREAT idea, and I decided to approach a few companies about the idea. KAVU jumped at the chance to support us in our quest!


They were touched by our story of basement molded cloths and shipping container homes… and decided to sponsor our project for a minimal wardrobe. Unfortunately soon after we had received our new KAVU clothing, Brook and I split. This re-directed our attention quite a bit… and I have honestly felt horrible for not blogging about it up until now… so PLEASE check out Kavu cloths! I would really appreciate it. I put aside the minimal wardrobe, but I must say… I am still wearing the KAVU cloths that they sent over every single day and they are the most comfortable and best looking cloths I have ever worn in my life. I am BLOWN AWAY by the quality.

I also (almost) completed the guest bathroom! I installed tile on the floor, tiled the shower and installed the shower faucet, installed the sink and the toilet… but when I was screwing the baseboard heater back into the wall I drilled a screw into the pipe! I found where the leak is at in the wall and installed cut-off valves before it to cut off the water to that line. I now have to rip out the drywall, tear out the punctured pipe, and install a new one in order to complete the bathroom plumbing.

On another note… this year has also brought about a HUGE shift in my career. After Brook and I separated, I decided that I wanted to dedicate my time back to my career instead of continuing a supportive role as an employee. I had worked for Watershed Drybags for the last four years as the freight and logistics manager… and it had been one of the best jobs of my life.

Watershed is an amazing company and produces the best 100% water-proof dry-bags in the world HANDS DOWN. The company is run by amazing people who became my friends over the years, and I actually miss getting to spend the weeks with them. Despite the loss of a great job with great people, I knew I had more to gain diving into the deep end and pursuing my passion! I decided to jump on board with a website development company called ZeroZen Design. I worked as the sales and marketing manager for six months before we all decided that I needed more. I had more important things that I had to concentrate on in order to really pursue my passion. I started attending networking events in Asheville while on board with ZeroZen, and met some really amazing people… including the owner of a branding company called Match Branding. We had an amazing discussion about the advertising agency I had started after college Grow Advertising Design and his business and how we both wanted to provide our clients with more services and work together. After months of discussions… we decided to move forward with the merger and create a brand new full-service marketing company together. We named it WE•DO.

We specialize in creating and updating brands, automating business tasks, increasing efficiency, developing fresh new websites, and bringing in more traffic for companies to boost sales. Please like our new facebook page and check out our new website! If you know anyone who might need a hand with their business, we’d love to speak with them. Have them schedule a call with us, or give us a ring directly at(828) 209-8993. We’d also like to hear what you think about on our new website. We’ve created a quick survey where you can give us your feedback.

This is my next BIG adventure, and I wanted to give you all an update! PS. The documentary film is finally finished. Pretty amazing final cut that’s about 30 minutes long. I can not share it on social media channels yet until it is done touring around the world and winning film-festivals… but if you would like to see it please private message me and I will send you over the link and password to gain access.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support during the construction of our home! Soleil and I are doing GREAT and we are totally in love with this house. We give thanks every day for this blessing in our lives as it is a gift to live in a creative and beautiful space. We could not have done it without you, and we are looking forward to including you on the final steps with completing the home and our lives as they grow and expand. Until the next post… Aloha and enjoy the ride!

One thought on “New Year, New Adventure!

  1. I became aware of your blog a few years ago. Something I always wanted to ask was if the shells are shipping containers did you get them tested to see if they had held radioactive materials?

    Also I have a start up and wanted to discuss marketing with your new company.

    We are needing someone to do content for our site to increase SEO. We don’t have a one helping us on this.

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