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P1040280 1Upon finding this blog, documentary film maker, Christopher Zaluski, approached us with interest in following our story. Having recently finished touring with his successful film, Wagonmasters, he was ready for a new and intriguing project. We said, “Yes” and the rest is history.

At the ages of 27, 27, and 3, our family acquired a $100,000 loan. We bought our land immediately and since then we have poured ourselves into figuring out how the hell to build a house. Shipping Home is a documentary film that follows our home building journey, capturing the essence of our reduce, reuse, recycle approach. Our home will be the first residence within Asheville, NC limits to incorporate shipping containers into its construction.

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15 thoughts on “Documentary Film

  1. Really amazing guys! I am scaffold engineer and my wife is a teacher and We are planning to build our home. I am thinking to use 3 8x40ft containers. Keep working hard guys. You are really inspiring.

    Luis Hernandez Bristol,UK

  2. OMG I love it! I just received a 30k loan and am trying to build a container home on my lot. Do you think this is doable? if so what should be my first step to start the process? I noticed you are helping with the project do you have experience in the home construction field?

    1. Hi Keitha! If you are building your home out of a single container, utilizing old/used/recycled materials, and putting in some serious sweat equity…I think you could do it. First step if you’re living on the grid…hire and engineer. Ryan had very limited home building experience, I had none and together we did a majority of the construction. Youtube is an amazing thing 🙂

  3. Hey, I’m looking to build a small 2 container home in Charlotte, NC. I’m on a slightly different budget. $40,000.00 in Savings, no loan. I have questions about permits and could use an engineer referral if possible. Thank You 🙂

  4. this is incredible! so light and breezy! cali here (used to date tyler garrison). so lovely to see your beautiful home.

  5. I am 65 and live in Houston Tx, I have been trying for 3 months to find a way to get a building loan, no bank I have tried will do something so “experimental” can you give any suggestions where you went and how you found your loan source. Thanks. Also I found a plan I love “Container of Hope” on Tiny house talk, where I found your story. Any help you can offer or any hints on do’s and don’ts would be appreciate. My husband and I are retired and have limited funds so want to help with the build out ourselves. You have a lovely home, I hope the future memories are happy for you.

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